An Exemplary Model – The Process Chain Of Our ProjectRealization:


First contact

  • preliminary interview with the client
  • clarification of project requirements and basic determination

Preliminary planning

  • analyzing the basics
  • development of a planning concept
  • estimate of costs

Preliminary design

  • definition of all systems and plant components
  • calculation and dimensioning of technical systems
  • authorities talks
  • cost calculation
  • basic scheduling

Approval planning

  • Submission of application documents

Detailed design

  • creation of detailed measurements and calculations
  • update of the schedule
  • creation of construction drawings

Bid Submission / Offer and award

  • creation of the bid
  • evaluation of the offers
  • conduct bidders’ talks
  • preparation of the tender documents
  • compilation of contract documents and order placement

Object monitoring and object support

  • monitoring of plant assembly and meeting the deadlines
  • cost control and audit
  • carrying out the acceptance
  • check the removal of defects
  • warranty support